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According to a case study, 3 million websites are generated on internet every month. The results of another research shows more than 80 percent of websites’ first view is achieved through search engines, which 7 percent of this is from the Google search engine. Plus, 84 percent of users searching within Google search engine have never visited the second page of the search results and 65 percent of them never click on results supported by sponsors. Also, visibility has become extremely difficult for websites. Algorithms of search engines use numerous criteria to rank websites. They are not published entirely and are also changed regularly (Google search engine ranking algorithm considers more than 200 criteria to rank websites). Therefore, competition among websites to gain a high rank in the result page of the search engines, especially Google, is fierce. Thus, reaching high ranks in search results has become so important to websites. This task is achieved by SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Leave the obstacles behind

Experience and knowledge from others will help you when you hit a roadblock.

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If you do not understand your path correctly, you should definitely expect some wrong choices (waste of time and money).

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Talk to people who have the experience and expertise in digital marketing and know the right solutions.

Digital Marketing and Branding Consultation

Talk to digital marketing experts about problems and solutions

When you are trying to decide on your digital marketing strategies, when you are having trouble implementing your marketing tools, or want to know the digital path ahead, a little bit better; then new consulting services may be the right choice for you.