Audio content creation

What is Audio marketing?

Before introducing podcast, first, let’s have a glance at the word “podcast” itself. Podcast was stated in the Guardian newspaper in 2004 for the first time. Ben Hammersley notes in an article named “Pod” that “pod” is borrowed from “I-pod” digital player and “cast” is taken from radio “Broadcast”.

Obviously, podcast was named after Apple I-pod but this does not mean one must own anI-pod to enjoy a podcast.

I-pod + Broadcast = Podcast

Now, the question is “what is the definition of a podcast?”A proper starting point is that podcasts are known as an “internet on-demand radio”.

One could listen to it on his computer, but take this into consideration that podcasts are not always in audio format and it could be a video too.

What is Audio marketing?

There are several reasons that one can listen to a podcast. The most important ones of producing audio content are as following:

  • Due to low file size, podcasts could be used in website without endangering the size and the speed of the website
  • All the audio contents, brand information and product description could be unlimitedly provided to blind people
  • Product development could be easily conducted by adding more details about it in the podcast
  • Useful contents could be listened to during idle times like traffics, taxi, bus and etc.
  • Desired podcast could be heard on other music player devices in addition to PCs
  • Podcast content does not need active internet connection

Podcast applications

Audio podcasts present numerous applications to large and small companies and also different people.

  • In companies, the public relations section uses podcasts to communicate with customers through it, in order to create stronger communications and attract customers’ satisfaction.
  • Businesses selling paper books have begun producing audio podcasts due to the reduction of people’s inclination to read books.
  • Instructional content production on the internet is performed by audio podcasts
  • Weblog creation and communication with users are conducted by audio podcasts
  • Using product advertisements, poems, commentating and reporting is done by audio podcasts
  • Lectures of Politicians, professors, teachers etc. are provided to the users by audio podcasts

Why should you produce a podcast for your website?

  • To improve your connection with customers
  • To act and move aligned with your competitors
  • To increase user return to your website
  • To boost the rank of your website
  • To make your content always available
  • To produce primary content based on user needs
  • To possess equipment related to audio content production
  • To gather a strong team for podcast production
  • To select the premier narrators for sound recording