Content marketing by producing valuable contents

Systematic and high quality content generation is the best solution to attract loyal audience. Also, Google has is highly focused on it and has always insisted on contents being published by websites that help the user find his desired response. Thus, the highest ranks of results, are assigned to these websites.

Targeted content generation to increase the view and attention of users is called content marketing. Since proper content attracts users, and user attraction is the goal of all branches of marketing, content marketing which is a subsection of digital marketing, it is tried to edit and publish standard contents obeying all rules of script writing, optimized use of images, videos, infographics, podcasts etc. in website. This is a huge step in attracting the audience and converting them from a website viewer to loyal fans. Publishing valuable content in websites, inflicts user to trust you and be assured of your expertise in your working field.

Besides, when a viewer finds his answers in your website on several occasions, he gradually becomes a fan of yours and after a while your offers and sets of information will become valid for him. Surely, content marketing is the most guaranteed manner of audience attraction. A foundation that you provide by publishing useful information is everlasting and is considered as a strong backup for your website. It must be noted that any information is not suitable for content marketing. Scripts must be distinct in structure, images used should be appropriate and infographic contents must be clear and helpful. Actually, any kind of content has its own standard to be approved by the search engines.

Bermuda Digital marketing department provides a unique content marketing condition for your website by an expert team of writers and content creators.

In content marketing, generating contents related to your business and publishing them in your website is executed. So, you can attract higher number of Google searchers to your website and introduce your products or services to them. 

To be successful in content marketing, the important note is to create a right strategy for content generation. Therefore, Bermuda initially checks your occupation and business setting. Your current condition amongst your competitors would be assessed and your strength and weakness would be determined. Then, short term and long term goals are defined and to accomplish defined goals suitable content is generated. 

Content generation is executed suited to your goal in the market. For instance, suppose you own a website in manufacturing and trading home appliances and decide to dominate the sofa market and attract people intending to purchase this product in Google.

In this case, first the keywords relating to your goal, for which you must have a good rank for searching them in Google, are determined. Then the useful content that fulfills the audience demands in this field is generated. After a while, you would become a reliable source in “sofa” and by applying sales techniques you could convert your audience to buyer of your product. In another word, converting viewer to customer is one of the major goals of content marketing.

Effects of proper content on SEO

As stated earlier, Google pays special attention to new and useful contents. In addition to technical SEO concepts, content marketing is introduced as one of the most important factors of rank gaining in Google.

Innovation agency of Bermuda Marketing, as a professional, organized and active group in website design, SEO and digital marketing, has provided a uniform context for content marketing and SEO of your website. Through standard and targeted content generation by Bermuda Marketing experts, you could take firm steps in achieving the best rank in the world of web.

Each website has an immense amount of audience and little amount of time to prove itself, because of this, content marketing has become crucially important. Bermuda Marketing is aware of its importance and by applying innovation to content creation, plays a significant role in your online branding. The steps of content marketing in Bermuda Marketing is stated concisely in the following section.

Steps of content marketing in Bermuda marketing

Our content generation team in Bermuda innovation agency, follows a certain structure.
Foundations which are necessary and valuable for content marketing.

Every word and phrase in the internet world has a distinct value based on monthly search, relation to your business and etc. At the first step you would send us words which you think are related to your business and you would need a high google ranking in a search result of words.

Take this into consideration that these words must be selected realistically not ideally. For instance, gaining Google rank for words such as “laptop purchase” or “cell phone purchase” is difficult and investing on it is extremely risky.

Bermuda Marketing experts, using professional equipment and based on their experience, assess the list of keywords, evaluate them and propose you the most efficient ones. We assist you to choose the most suitable words relating to your business and competition setting and invest on them effectively.

After identifying target words, content marketing strategy is created and your content generation procedure initiates.


High rank of the website in search engines is one of the most efficient approaches of online marketing. In this method, every audience searching your service, would recognize your brand. There is no doubt that every website manager is trying to improve their rank in Google, but how is it possible?

Considering the fact that Google is the most important search engine in Iran and the rest of the world, this section is presented based on tactics of improving rank of a website in Google. Although, these methods would also increase the rank in Yahoo and Bing search engines. Google announced that in 2018 its utmost focus would be on the highest association between searched words and content. Therefore, in order to improve rank of a website in Google, assessment of the keywords and making sure that users search the same words, is extremely important.


In addition, Google’s RankBrain algorithm significantly attends user’s behavior. Google is well aware of the fact that a high percentage of users might open several links in different tabs and then check them one by one. Thus, a link just being opened and stayed open in a different tab would not be a popularity criterion for Google. A popular content must oblige the user to interact with the website. The user must read the information on your website and go to the relating articles.

When you create a new website, you would see that some pages of it gain rank in Google with difficulty. Some other would appear on the first page of search results instantly after creation. Some of them have extremely varying ranks and some are deleted from the search result without any reason and reappear alternatively. All of these express that improving the rank is getting harder every day. Google algorithms are becoming more complex and more websites are getting familiar with SEO techniques which makes the competition more difficult.

Why should we start textual content production?

Before answering the question of why textual content production must be started, first, a definition of content and content production must be provided. Content could be anything from a restaurant receipt to a documentary movie.  Content must convey a message to its audience and mean something for anyone. Content encompasses script, image, video, graphic and podcast and many more types which are subsections of the named categories. Speaking about content production, it means producing a unique content about a topic and presenting it to the audience. Many people consider, some gathered information about a topic as content production but the difference is that significant innovations must be executed for the content to be unique. 

Beginning of content production

In the topic above I think you might have noticed that content must be unique to be called produced content. However, why should we start content production?

You have heard the phrase “content is king” so many times. It is surely true but not for any content that is not exclusive to you and not suitable for the needs of your audience. When the audience enters your website, they want to get familiar with your business and if there were no content on your website, they would not be able to achieve any information. Content could also assist you to gain higher ranks in search engines. In recent years, website managers have been producing content for search engines, especially Google. Google, after making changes to its algorithms, was able to determine whether the content is produced for search engines or for users. And if it determined the content was produced for search engines, and not the users, it would give negative points to the webpage.

Even if the content you placed on your website is copied from somewhere else, it would surely assign negative points to your website. Thus, it could be concluded that content must be completely designated to its business.

Textual content production

As you know, a text is a set of words placed beside each other. However, textual content production means that the script you write must convey a message to the audience. This script is considered valuable when it correctly conveys the message and is exclusively written. Textual content production could be done based on search engine instructions so when a user is searching a phrase in search engines, your content is viewed to them (which is called SEO performed content). A content production expert or writer must possess some skills such as writing principles, editing basics, and SEO to offer valuable content to users.

Textual content production is comprised of various types which are as follows:


Experts who have done research in diverse fields and also people who have been writing for several years, using powerful words to attract the audience, could be designated to general textual content production to convey attractive concepts.


A business would be considered to be in the area of specialized textual content production if it was a business in which nobody had any information about, then only some experts could write about it. To write a script in this field, the content production expert must be educated in that field and also have the needed skills to write a proper script.

If you are willing to instruct and you are thinking about running a website to put instructional content on it, but you need a teacher in each section you just defined someone that possesses skills for producing instructional content. 

What are the traits of textual content production?

The first attribute that search engines heed is the content of the script you have written on your webpages. Thus, the search engine assesses the written script or the main words and phrases and evaluates you in the main phrases. The entire written script must be optimized for its audience to be efficient for your business.

What is content production?

In publication, art, and communication, content is a set of experience and information which is conveyed to the users. Content could transmit experiences through media, writings or different arts. Also, the content could be conveyed by diverse media like the internet, cinema, television, smartphones, audio, books, E-books, magazines, events and lectures, conferences and scene performances.

Perhaps you have not thought about contents within energy bills, registration forms, travel tickets, letters, flyers, billboards, signs placed all over the city, movies, podcasts and etc. but definitely they are considered as contents because they convey a message, too.

Why should I start producing unique content now?

  • To attract high numbers of the audience to the website
  • To increase the branding of your business
  • To elevate the rank in search engines
  • To convert the audience to customer
  • To align with competitors

Why you should choose Bermuda marketing?

  • Determining the target audience
  • Defining the content strategy
  • Daily management of the content
  • Strategy management
  • Content analyzer
  • Optimizing the script for search engines



What is web content production?

When content is textual, visual or vocal which is viewed as a part of user experience in websites.

Web content could encompass script, image, audio, movie, and animation. Also, other contents such as documents, application data, electronic services, vocal and visual files, personal webpages and archived email messages could also be considered.

All the information presented in the content production section could be considered as web content if it is brought to the internet context.

SEO and website optimization

Many managers consider web content production as a part of the business which by doing it for their websites, they could interact with their audience. The introduction of your product or service is generated as content through which you could attract many people to your website. Eventually, it results in increased views of the website.

Content production is an important priority for search engines and based on it they place websites in higher ranks. But you should take this into consideration that the content must be produced uniquely to be acceptable to search engines.

When you produce unique content for your website, you should note the fact that it must be relevant with audience needs.

Advantages of web content production

  • Attracting audience

  • Interacting with the audience

  • Increasing website views

  • Developing your business

  • Converting audience to customer

  • Elevating the rank in search engines

  • Assisting the branding of your business

  • Keeping the audience on the website

Website content production for diverse businesses

Content for each business must be exclusive and unique to that field. This means that for each business, before producing content, the needs of the audience must be detected; users’ behavior relating to that field must be analyzed and a content production strategy should be created. Generally speaking, a procedure must be set, then, actions must be taken according to that.

After producing exclusive content for each business, the contents must be periodically analyzed to achieve the desired goal. It must be noted that content production in diverse fields should not be assigned to one person. This could decline the quality of your website which reduces the number of your audience and also degrades the rank of your website in search engines.