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Sending Bulk Email to up to date email list is Very Effective.

Email communication is a tool that has been around since the advent of the Internet and has maintained its position among us so far. Most people check their emails regularly. So, your emails will be able to get their attention and need your products/services. Bermuda marketing can be accompanied by up-to-date and classified email banks sending you bulk promotional emails.

Sending bulk promotional email

The impact of your email ads will be greater with our help

High quality email database

We will provide you with an up-to-date and classified UAE emails database.

Email Template Design

If you want to send a professional email, our team can help you design the template

High Opening Rate

We remove inactive emails from our database. As a result, the opening percentage of emails is high.

Providing a Full Report

You will have a complete report of the number of people who have seen and opened your email.

Which email database is the right one for you?

Our email database is categorized by occupation, gender and location of the audience. So you can easily target your potential customers. We have also gathered a selection from our email database that is suitable for those who want to target all segments of society.

Questions and Answer

We answer your questions about email ad services

You might think that email is no longer popular as it used to be, and all of these spam and advertising emails have made this medium less effective. But digital statistics and of course our personal experience show something else. Email is still widely used and audiences are still reading most of their incoming mail. Our team has repeatedly witnessed the incredible efficiency of promotional emails.

We are confident in the quality of our email database. However, we cannot make any guarantees regarding what percentage of emails will be opened. Because this depends on many factors such as the type of service/product, the attractiveness of the email sent, the delivery date and even a little luck.

The open rate of emails we send is usually within the 5% to 15% range. If you’ve been in the field of email marketing before, you probably know that open rates on average are less than this percentage, and this is a testament to the quality of our email database.

Once you have submitted your order online, you will receive the necessary instructions, your preferred template will be chosen and the emails will be sent at your chosen time. Finally, after a few days a complete report of the emails will be available to you.

Information you can see in our report include: the number of times the email was viewed, the number of times the email was opened and the number of clicks on the buttons in your email.

Information you can see in our report include: the numberYes, our team is ready to design a professional and attractive template for your email in return for a specific fee. A visual template that will surely increase the effectiveness of your promotional email.of times the email was viewed, the number of times the email was opened and the number of clicks on the buttons in your email.

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