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Why SEO and first rank of Google?

The phrase “achieving the first rank of Google” is one of the most common and most popular phrases in the internet universe. It is a strong point for your website to be in the first rank of google, which is the biggest search engine in the world. Probably, it would be important for you as a manager of a website to be a part of the first suggestions of Google, or in best case the first one, to a user who has searched a phrase corresponding to your working field. This means that SEO of you website is in good condition.

According to the statistics, first rank of Google attracts approximately 35-55 percent of viewers. This marvelous quantity of viewers could offer numerous customers to any internet-based occupation. In fact, staying in the first rank of Google could rescue you from an immense load of advertisement and marketing.


Fortunately, obtaining this rank in Google is not unattainable, but SEO is not that simple. Obeying certain rules and regulations alongside with recognizing algorithms and Google policies for ranking websites are necessary steps of success in this field. Besides, these policies are always varying and being optimized. Thus, staying up to date and being aware of the latest decisions of Google are vital.  

Origins of SEO

Behind the three words of SEO, lies a substantial amount of spoken and unspoken words. If you want to know “what is SEO?” it could be said that SEO (in general setting of internet) is an abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”. However, according to Google managers’ statement, “Search Experience Optimization” could be a better translation of this word.

Search experience optimization means providing a context which a user could observe his search results in the quickest and best possible form. Some of this context is provided by Google, but websites are responsible for a significant part of it. This means that you could assist providing this context and gain proper validity from Google by following the regulations of SEO, which improve search experience.

Effective factors in obtaining a proper rank in Google

“Regulations of SEO” is mentioned twice in the text above, which shows the importance of it. Regulations which research, trial and error, instant assessment of news about Google and sufficient technical knowledge is necessary to dominate them. Results of the analysis shows some effective factors to achieve Google rank (SEO) are as follows:

  • Choosing the keyword
  • Knowing the complete structure of website
  • Online marketing strategy and reaction encouragement
  • Link generating

SEO Services of Bermuda Marketing

SEO team of Bermuda Marketing, which has conducted several successful projects in website optimization, offers you permanent solutions. SEO and optimizing is a professional and time consuming process which leads to a long lasting monetization. Website SEO is a complex procedure and obeys certain patterns. SEO services at Bermuda Marketing include:

1- SEO consultation

We are honored to share with you our several years of experience. Our advisors offer a proper analysis of SEO of your website based on their knowledge and expertise in SEO and online marketing. View SEO consultation page for more information.

2– On-page SEO

On-page SEO corresponds to the direct control of the codes or content of your website such as script, image, link etc. Generally, anything you upload on your site is related to on-page SEO. 

This method is the basis of all the optimization efforts, because it is where you have the utmost control. Any content you change in your website would affect the search results. Thus, it is very important that on-page SEO is executed correctly before off-page SEO.

3- Off-page SEO

Unlike on-page SEO which is performed by the website in direct control, off-page optimization comprises all the promotions conducted outside your website. This encompasses everything aiding your site to gain a high rank. Off-page SEO initially focuses on linkers (links in other websites that point to yours), then optimizes the search engine by methods executed outside the website. 

Off-page SEO is an infinite procedure that is managed by SEO engineers in order to obtain linkers.

4- CSEO Support

As SEO is not a one-time operation and demands dynamic and constant movement, Bermuda Marketing SEO team, by offering unique services and adhering to the fundamentals of customer service, would walk beside you, step by step, to help you conquer the summits of advancement and improvement to achieve the ultimate success.

5- Standard content generation

Nowadays, appropriate content attracts Google and search engines more than anything else, and culminates a better rank compared to other competitors. Familiarity with writing rules, systematic use of words in script, mastery of working with image, sound and video, publishing user friendly content and etc. all together conclude to a standard content generation.

SEO steps in Bermuda Marketing

Do you know you are viewed by which words or phrases in Google search results? Do you know which words attract more viewers to you? Familiarity with keyword choosing fundamentals and assessment of their real value are the first and also the most important step in SEO. Websima determines the best words, on which you could concentrate and invest, regarding your field of work, by meticulous analysis. 

By perusing the competitors’ performance, we could use their strength to improve ourselves and also avoid entering fields in which SEO fails to succeed. This gradually presents a flawless and effective strategy.

There are always distinct standards and regulations for the structure of a website which obeying them is vital in order to achieve a verified and optimized SEO rank. Websima performs precise and technical analysis of the structure of a website and if it is necessary, transforms it into an acceptable shape for search engines. 

During the optimization procedure, textual and schematic reports are presented by Websima regularly and periodically, so that you could completely observe the SEO process and its results.

What is a White Hat SEO?

In technical expressions of this field, white hat SEO corresponds to a set of technics, methods and strategies which obey the rules and instructions of search engines. This does not mean manipulating or deceiving the search engines at all. It is also called the “ethnical SEO” as it is executed for a prolonged time or uses right policies and instructions to obtain higher ranks in search engine results.

What is a Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO alludes a set of orders which are used to deceive and manipulate the algorithms of search engines in order to gain high ranks. It is important to know that these methods are unethical and are not approved by any search engine. Also they have a risk of permanent removal from contents database. Black Hat SEO may increase the growth in search results but it may also conclude to being fined or removed from content database of search engine.