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Social networks have become part of the daily lives of many of us. We follow daily news through these networks, read our favorite content, and stay in touch with our friends. So these networks can create a good opportunity for brands to engrave their names in the minds of their users and establish a friendly relationship with them. Your advertisements on the Persian pages of these networks can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Advantages of Advertising in Social Media

Loyal customers in a completely free platform with no intermediaries

You can find a customer for your products or services in a direct, completely free platform with specific marketing and social media techniques, you can connect with your audience and build your brand or attract visitors to your website. In today’s world, the number of Internet users is increasing and the digital world is becoming an integral part of our business and daily life.

Social media advertising and marketing has many benefits that can be summarized as follows:

  • Possibility to be seen by a wide range of audiences
  • Ability to target audiences more accurately according to their tastes and lifestyles
  • High impact of social networks on customer shopping
  • Compliance with social media content production efforts
  • Ease of access to audiences that use mobile devices

Become a Social Business

Have a bolder presence in social networks and be seen by Iranian telegram and Instagram users.

Build lasting relationships

Social networks are an opportunity for you to interact with the customer and to have continuous interaction.

Build an effective media

By working properly and consistently on social networks, you will eventually have media coverage for your business.

Advertisement in Social Media

Access to Your Audience and increase in your sales

Social networks provide the information that users are looking for in the shortest amount of time using different visual and textual methods. Due to the increasing use of mobile phones to connect to the Internet, the ease of access to social networks has also increased and audiences can even use the information posted on social networks while walking. All brands in different areas of business are advised to use the site along with advertising on various social networks to promote their brand and get more visible in the target market. Social media advertising can have targeted advertising that is effective for your brand.

Advertisement in Instagram

All you need for serious marketing and advertising on Instagram

High quality email database

With the help of Instagram robots, you can attract thousands of real and active followers every month at a reasonable cost.

Sponsored Instagram Advertising

With the official Instagram promotion service, you can target your audience as accurately as possible.

Advertising on Big page

Choose your favorite Instagram pages and promote your products or services on them in a package with a good discount.

Visiting / video ads

Launch an extensive Instagram campaign for your ad teaser and pay a small fee per visit.

Effective social media platforms

Google Plus is one of the first places to build brand image. Google uses your business information to determine the value of your website in high-end knowledge and indexing packages. The more detailed your Google Plus profile gets, your content will more naturally be featured and published across the Internet.

You should not guess your audience. Their gender, age, friends, occupation, location and much more have been provided for you. Understanding your target demography has never been this easy.

Peer authentication can become a constant; 75% of people between the ages of 18 to 26 in social media check recommendation when choosing a product.

Loyalty to your brand increases. 71% of customers decide to buy from a brand, based on information they have acquired from social media. Social media is an opportunity to create lifelong customers.

Twitter is an incredible platform for marketing. It is accessible and has a huge output. Twitter can generate a huge amount of referential traffic to your website and it can make your brand famous and generate unstoppable trends.

Although LinkedIn is free, it gives you incredible marketing opportunities. Many experts use LinkedIn as a social media and they only upload a resume on it and nothing more. However LinkedIn is much more than an online resume. I have used LinkedIn to post content, to communicate with powerful people and to build a Marketing team with a thousand members. I have done all this without spending a single dollar but it made an unbelievable improvement in marketing.

Principles of Marketing in Social Networks

Developing strategies for social networking

Designing advertisement with professional and effective graphics

Using modern methods to reach more audience

Advertising on business related social networks

Holding contests and challenges to engage the audience

Analyze and submit reports and review advertising feedback

Targeted advertising on social media with Bermuda Marketing

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