video marketing

What is video marketing?

Video is one of the methods that could easily deliver various messages to the target audience because of using images. Human mind processes images very easier than texts. So, it could be concluded that every day the number of people interested in the video raises.

Thus, businesses are extremely inclined to produce video marketing content for their products or services. Business owners produce their desired video for each part of their job to achieve their favorable results.

What are the different types of video marketing used for developing business goals?

There are several types of video marketing that can be used to develop the business. 

For clarification several instances are presented below.

Video Weblog

Due to the progressive expansion of different weblogs and also application of videos in different weblogs; videos, suitable to different businesses, could be produced and published for marketing intents.

Weblog generation is one of the important contexts to insert additional information and educational videos.

The blog section of a website is a suitable place to insert educational articles. However, if they were also accompanied by a video, the desired intention would be well expressed and the user would be properly guided.

Instructional video

After the evolution of the internet universe, various people became interested in online instructions, that people working in educational fields started producing corresponding instructional videos.

In case of the instructional video, the quality of the video is the main value that differentiates your content from others. An instructional video which is supposed to be placed in web context must have high standards in timing, file size, image, sound resolution and categorizing information.

In order to record a video one needs a clear voice, a minimal silent location, decent software and sufficient equipment. There are many videos related to video production which accelerates the video production procedure.

Web conferencing

Businesses have held diverse events to develop their goals where they present a brief speech about their products or services in different fields. In this manner, they record different videos and publish them through various media outlets.

Seminars held online for information presentation or official introduction are called webinars.

Webinar is an interesting idea to communicate with users who are not close to you but need a live connection with you.

A webinar provides an opportunity for you and your user to become a part of an efficient connection.

Webinars are usually used for educational presentations like a case in which a teacher and students would be online in a web setting at a certain time, receive images and sounds online, participate in discussions and express their questions and opinions.

Commercial video

All of us have observed diverse commercial videos in offline media like television, however, producing commercial videos in an online setting is so different. The difference could be its scenario or time of production. Commercial videos intend to introduce the product or service of a business for its target audience.

Video demo and product assessment

Managers of various businesses present a demo video before manufacturing, analyzing and releasing it to the market and by that they receive their audiences’ opinions and resolve its various possible flaws.

Video demo and product assessment


  • Conveying the message to the target audience easily
  • Attracting target audience
  • Increasing website viewers
  • Decrease in video copying
  • Increasing the credibility of the company
  • Introducing the audience to products and services thoroughly


  • High sensitivity of films due to one-time production of the video
  • High expenses of video marketing
  • Demanding experts to produce video marketing content
  • Low internet speed for audience’s download
  • Reducing the loading speed of the website for the video